Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A journey

I am here to track my journey along a new road.  I've been on this road since August 27th, 2005 when my son, Ashton was born. But now, I think I have a name for this road. 

I am going to keep this first entry short.  I have so much going on in my heart and my head right now surrounding my son that I could really get confusing and confused.  But to put it all in a nut shell, I am discovering that I have a sensitive child.  Anyone who knows us well is probably saying... "well, duh!".  I have never stopped and taken the time to consciously be aware of this.  I have talked a million times to different people about Ashton's sensitive temperament, his shyness, how much of an observer and a thinker he is.  Some of these traits are wonderful and some are challenging.  Lately I have felt much more challenged and it's made me sad, frustrated, exhausted and we have been going rounds.  Now I think I know why.

A few different occurrences led me to our local used book store the other day in search of a specific book: The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.  This blog is going to be about what I learn surrounding this topic and how it applies to Ashton and myself as his mom.  I feel emotional about this right now but it is a hopeful emotion.  Yes, with tears... but hopeful.  Even in the last two days since I've picked up the book and read just the beginning I have had a more compassionate heart with Ashton, which has led to patience and much smoother interactions between us. 

If anyone has a highly sensitive child (HSC is what Dr. Aron uses in her book so I will adopt that here as well), please chime in!  I want to know what other people experience too.  I've always loved that Ashton thinks hard about life and in detailed ways that amaze me.  I want to stop rushing him through life (which I feel just started in the last couple of years) and help him use those wonderful traits to accomplish his goals and dreams.  I also really need to learn how to help other people understand what it means to be a HSC and how to interact with him in a positive manner.  I don't know the answers yet and I'm really hoping that this book will begin to shed some light.  It already feels like it is. 

Thank you for joining me as I learn and grow along with my little guy!

Love and blessings,

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