Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since I have picked up the book, "The Highly Sensitive Child" I have been noticing so much about Ashton.  I'm not noticing new things, just things that I typically let become background noise, in a sense.  I often hear Ashton say something or watch him take note of something very specific and in my mind I think, "there's no way I would have noticed that as a 5 year old, or would have even cared".  I am in awe.  At times he gets very "explainy".  He will step by step, by step describe a process with painful detail.  Painful because of course my busy adult life just doesn't have room for minute details (working on this one).  But, wow.  When I actually stop and ignore the clock and my to-do list... I am amazed. 

Tonight we were walking through the dark parking lot to our car and the street light caught the drops of rain on a side view mirror of some random car.  Ashton stopped (almost tripping me) and gently wiped them off.  I started to say something, not realizing what he was doing.  Here I am thinking, "that's not our car... leave it alone... don't mess with other people's cars..."  But I stopped myself.  Then he turned and backed up to my side view mirror and wiped the rain drops off.  "There, Mom.  Now you will be able to see."  Then my heart melted.


  1. WOW! I hope some day that Ashton will come to realize what a gift you are. As a parent it is easier when life gets busy, to rush our kids through and not stop to notice. I have been trying to breath through our time together. When they are vying for my attention, I simply close my eyes and breath. That gives me just enough time to think,"Why not?". Why not stop to look at the moon? Why not check out the bug that's crawling on nana's car? Why not give them "one more kiss" good night? I just had to add to your blog and hope that you know what a privilege it is to be your friend. Thank you for reminding me to "notice". Love ya Rhonda

  2. Aw geez... now you're gonna make me cry. Thank you!! Love you back!! & I'm thankful for you :)